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Whether you’re planning a bathroom full-scale refurbishment with tiles or wet panels on a like for like basis or going for a modern elegant walk-in shower/wet room, we can provide you with the design advice and proper fitting and installation service.

Our bathroom fitting service covers Edinburgh, East and Mid Lothian. When you contact us you deal with the tradesmen directly there are no sales staff selling an idea or product they themselves don't understand or which is unsuitable for your ideas. Better for us and cheaper for you.

We will come out and make a quick survey of your existing bathroom to provide some initial advice about what is and isn't possible or is but at a much higher price because of the extra work that may be involved, whether we or others carry out the work. We'd like to think that we're always going to be cheaper than the big bathroom companies.

Combined with our plumbers and tilers installation knowledge and skills you can be assured you will have a high quality, low maintenance water tight bathroom for years to come.

Specialist Bathroom Installers

It is easy to make a bathroom look good on the surface but it's what is below the surface that matters if you want your new bathroom to last. In the above video I give a brief talk about one project installing a new bathroom that had a shower over bath and how to build a shower properly so that it is waterproof, will not leak to the floor and how to spot whether your existing bathroom has been built properly possibly indicating future problems. Please note this does not apply to wetrooms. The key points in the video were that instead of the very common but wrong method of installation of pushing the bath up against the tile backer boards already installed on the wall, instead the bath was installed first and then the tile backer boards fitted to the wall on top of the bath and waterproofed which is now part of the British Building standards BS5385 Part 1 2018.

Yes that's right grout and adhesive aren't waterproof you must waterproof a shower. More information about the tile backer boards can be read about on our advice page under waterproofing. Whether a bath with shower or a dedicated shower tray is installed, the method is the same, the only additional work that is required with a bath is the installation of support battens fixed to the wall beneath the bath. The reason for this is that baths flex breaking the tanking/ waterproofing seal and silicone seal around the bath. Stop the flexing by supporting the bath and there will be no water escape to the floor.

As mentioned in the video the previous bathroom had been incorrectly installed leading to both wet rot and dry rot of the timber wall requiring a complete replacement, thus adding labour time and costs to the job. Dry rot is a fungus which spreads even if the water problem is resolved, the best way to deal with it is to remove the infected timber completely. The full photo gallery of this project is available on our Houzz page showing the extent of the work completed.

We have a few more articles on our advice page written by the trade that go into greater depth providing you with the knowledge necessary to understand that your new bathroom is not only impressive on the surface but has or is going to be built correctly to avoid problems later on inevitably costing more to repair. If you read and understand the articles provided you'll be able to ask at the quotation stage and check during the fitting that the correct installation methods will / are being used. Whatever you have read so far by a journalist or sales teams regarding bathroom installation ignore because most of what we have read has been wrong.

Due to the competitive market for bathrooms, companies will often claim they can install a bathroom in just five days in order to minimize disruption. If you want the job done right you should be aware that it will take longer. It takes on average a day to demolish the old bathroom and a day to install the backer boards for simple jobs and waterproof them. That means just three days for the 1st and 2nd fix plumbing, tiling, grouting, siliconing and installation of the fixtures. Cut out the waterproofing, don't build a bath frame, use plastic pipe and flexible tap connectors and that saves enough time that it may be possible, so be wary of any company claiming to do it in five days. Don't just assume that a large company is actually doing the job right. By the way real plumbers call flexible tap connectors ticking time bombs that should let you know everything you need to know about them.

Bathroom & Wetroom Installation Materials

When we install new bathrooms we only use the best materials. This gives us the peace of mind to give you a guarantee knowing that the job having been done right that the installation won't fail due to failure of the materials. There are a few key components regarding the correct methods of installing a bathroom. Skip any one of these and you can be certain that at a later date you're going to pay again sooner rather than planning.

Most of the products we use are British made, we believe in supporting British industry.

We supply and install wet room trays only from the leading industry manufacturer Impey. 

If you choose to go for tiles we only use leading industry materials from BAL, Ardex & Schluter for our installations who provide 10, 25 year or even lifetime guarantees on their products. 

Bathroom Refurbishment Edinburgh 

If a new window is required or recommended in your bathroom we can supply and fit one. If you would like a new door and door frame as part of your bathroom installation this is a service we can also provide thus saving you on coordinating multiple trades and having to project manage yourself.

We also offer various repair services to existing bathrooms such as renewing silicone seal and those listed in our plumbing page . We can also investigate problems and advise you on the appropriate course of action depending upon the severity of the problem(s).

If you have any immediate concerns regarding potential water damage get in contact today using the form below. Water damage problems can go from minor to very bad and expensive very quickly.

When we give you a quote we provide fixed prices, one for no additional repair works required just a straight forward rip out and replace and a second for the replacement of rotten walls and floors etc if that work is required upon demolishing the old bathroom. Based on our experience we know what additional works to expect prior to work starting and by choosing us you're helping to support a local business who have to do a good job to keep up the good reputation.

Wetrooms & Luxury Bathrooms Edinburgh

Underfloor heating, the ultimate luxury for any bathroom installation and a recommended must for any wet room . One of the issues with small wet rooms is that they are exactly that, wet rooms. Have a shower and come back an hour later and it can still be wet. Not with underfloor heating installed - UFH. programme the control panel so that the heating comes on prior to using the shower and remains on long enough to dry the floor. Most manufacturers now offer controllers which can be controlled via wifi and an app on the smart phone.

There are 3 methods for installing UFH. The first is to use hot water from the central heating system and for all but the largest bathrooms not the most viable method for the average sized bathroom. The second and third options are electric with slight differences. One method is that the heating mat is supplied in a roll. This is laid out and then covered in levelling compound. Once the levelling is set a decoupling membrane is installed and then tiled. You can read about decoupling on our tiling page.

The alternative method supplied by Schluter is the ditra heat system. In the system the decoupling mat is installed first and then the heating wire installed into the decoupling mat and then tiled. The benefit of this system is that the wire can be ran into the tight spots meaning no cold spots, the rolls in the former method can't.

If you're interested in UFH in your luxury bathroom or wetroom let us know during the initial enquiry.

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