Bedroom Refurbishment and Decoration in Edinburgh

Do you have one or more tired bedrooms that would benefit from renovation but not looking to spend the fortune larger firms would quote?

At Neptune Property Service we provide basic no frills bedroom renovation or refurbishment service covering the Edinburgh and Musselburgh area that will transform your bedroom into a clean modern look without costing an arm and leg because we keep all the trades in house and don't have the overheads of fancy sales staff or showrooms.

We take complete care of the project supplying all the necessary trades saving you the time of the project management.

Bedroom Design and Installation Process

Once you submit an enquiry we will ask you for some initial details regarding the time frame and scope of works and arrange a suitable time to visit to survey the bedroom and discuss with you your design ideas. It is at this stage that we would make any recommendations to you regarding the refurbishment process based on our knowledge and experience that maybe required in order to make the installation possible.

The first stage of the renovation process would be any repair work to the floor necessary due to past damage or because you want a radiator moved and the floor had to be lifted to relocate pipes. We will always endeavour to replace the floor to its original condition however sometimes the damage can be too extensive.

The second stage would involve the supply and fitting of a new window(s) and door lining with door.

We will supply and fit either moulded, veneered or solid doors depending upon your design and budget.

Then comes the plastering. We would always recommend you get the room plastered for the multiple reasons mentioned on our plastering page.

We understand that you will want your bedroom back asap however fresh plaster must be completely dry before painting so there will be a delay before finishing off.

Customised Bedroom Specifications

The final stages of your new bedroom renovation will be the painting in a colour of your choice using high quality durable paints, and the installation of the new radiator carpet/laminate and skirting.

We offer a colour matching service for specific wall and skirting / architrave colour specifications and can recommend a wide variety of skirting and architrave profiles recommend a wide variety of skirting and architrave profiles from the older traditional look to the more modern depending upon your design and final look.

We do offer any of the above services individually if you aren't looking for a complete overhaul and all the above services for other livings areas within your home. 

Get in touch with us today

If you'd like to book in a free, no obligation survey and quote, or if you'd like to ask us for our friendly, professional advice, we'd love to hear from you. 

To get in touch, please give us a call on either 01316440201 or 07956 236300

Also, feel free to send us a message using our website's contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks and we look forward to hopefully working with you on your dream new bedroom.

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