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Why Plaster?

Plastering is the one trade that can rapidly transform a property giving it a fresh clean look. Done right and painted properly using modern hard wearing durable paint the results are stunning painted properly using modern hard wearing durable paints the results can be stunning leaving you with a far more durable long lasting surface than the alternatives.

It is common to paper over damaged walls to hide defects but with the initial cost of the wall papering and the continual cost of any upkeep or re-decoration can often come at a greater expense in the long run than plastering. 

Lime plaster, drywall and gypsum plastering

The oldest material and method for plastering was to use lime plaster. Very common still in Georgian and Victorian era properties that have not been renovated. Depending upon the circumstances of older properties it may or may not be suitable to apply modern gypsum plaster on top of lime plaster. If not lime plaster will have to be used. Apply gypsum plaster on top of lime plaster and it can result in various issues demonstrated in the video by Peter Ward, a damp expert.

Since the 1950's -1960's when plasterboard started to become extensively used in the construction industry the preferred method for finishing the wall has been to fix the boards to the timber wall, fill the joints between boards and then either seal and paint the bare plasterboard or wall paper over it. Both are quick and cheap hence the reason most new builds are decorated this way. Both leave a wall that is not as durable as plaster and likely to need regular re-decoration costing more in the long term.

Plaster is far more impact resistant and increases the insulation of the property retaining heat better. Painted in acrylic paint it is the ideal solution for kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas such as hallways, or children's bedrooms.

In older properties with solid walls without plasterboard there is no alternative but to plaster which may require undercoat plaster too.

Plastering Services we offer

We provide what is known as a Gypsum plastering service probably the most common nowadays.

Skimming – Applying top coat plaster 3-4mm thick to old walls or new plasterboard to give a clean smooth finish suitable for painting.

Undercoat plaster – Where damage is greater than 4mm thick a bonding coat that is up to 11mm thick must first be used to repair damaged walls flat before top coat plaster is applied. In solid brick properties where the original bonding or render has failed due to cracks etc in the wall caused by any number of problems render will need to be used as part of the repair to strengthen the wall not bonding. Render takes weeks to dry out before it can then be plastered so there will be an unavoidable delay in the restoration if you want the job done right.

As mentioned previously there is also Lime plastering more applicable to restoration of older properties which we do not do.

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