Musselburgh Plumbing Service

We offer a wide range of plumbing services in Musselburgh, East and Mid Lothian including but not limited to the following:

  • Emergency plumbing 
  • Pipe leak repair 
  • Bath/shower tray installation 
  • Install/repair toilets 
  • Install/repair shower valves 
  • Install dishwasher & washing machine 
  • Replacement radiators 
  • Towel warmer installation 
  • Re-siliconing

If you are in need of a different plumbing service, feel free to contact us today so we may address your questions. Providing excellent customer service is our top priority, peace of mind for you knowing that the job has been done right and we promise to treat your home as if it were our own.

We have full liability insurance and guarantee all of our work with our plumbing service.

Bathroom Plumber Musselburgh

Most of our plumbing work we carry out as part of our renovation jobs on bathrooms and bedrooms which as multi skilled tradesmen we have most of all the other skills necessary that if any additional work is required as part of the plumbing job then we can carry out these tasks without having to wait for the next trade to arrive before the work can continue.

On the rare occasion that we do find problems such as potential asbestos or joists that are in need of repair we will endeavour to assist however specialists and local authority have to be involved and that is out of our control. If you are thinking of doing anything yourself consider doing an asbestos awareness course online first before working on anything, since asbestos was used extensively in the past and can be in areas you would never think of. Plumbers are especially at risk of exposure. If we suspect asbestos we will let you know and can arrange testing.

When we work on our bathroom repairs / renovations we don't cut corners. We will give you the option of plastic or copper piping which you can read about in our advice page. Plumbing installations are done so in accordance with the relevant water by law regulations, building regulations and also in line with any manufacturer’s recommended installation requirements such as booster pumps etc.

Plumbing Rates

Most of our plumbing jobs are charged at a flat rate so there are no surprises once the job is complete. For small jobs 1-2 hours we charge £50 an hour thereafter charged in 15 minute increments in the second hour instead of the full hour. Customers will not be charged for time spent at merchants.  

For larger plumbing jobs for example installing a number of appliances or new radiators, which could take more than a few hours, a reduced full day rate is offered and also a half day rate. These are (9 – 5pm Monday-Friday) rates however we will never leave your property until the water is back on, the drains are working and the central heating working i.e. the cost doesn't go up after 5pm.

Free estimates provided. No call out fees for work.

The above rates will be charged for time spent locating the property water shut off valve if you do not know where it is and it is required. If you do know where it is test it first to make sure that it is working.

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