Edinburgh Walk In Showers & Wetrooms

At Neptune Property Service, we specialise in the installation of walk in showers and wet rooms. The difference between a walk in shower and wetroom is that the walk in shower utilizes the installation of a standard low profile shower tray that is roughly 45mm high. There are different methods that can be used to reduce or eliminate the height difference between the tray and the finished floor depending upon personal preference such as installing the tray onto 18mm plywood, whilst utilising 25mm plywood for the rest of the room and then tiling the floor. By the time 10mm thick tiles are used combined with the adhesive the 45mm gap is reduced to 25mm. The 45mm height difference can be eliminated altogether but there are other considerations to take into account.

Wetrooms utilise what is referred to as a wet deck which is installed recessed into the floor and then tiled onto after installation leaving the resultant floor all at one height. Both walk in showers and especially wet rooms require specialist installation skills beyond that required for a standard bathroom with bath installation.

Unfortunately we have been involved in the repair of botched installations. Common faults include, cracked shower trays because the floor hasn’t been strengthened, improper trap and drainage pipe gradients, meaning the waste water doesn’t drain away fast enough, a very important issue where due to high flow rates showers can deliver 30-40l of water a minute. Improper or no waterproofing carried out which you can read about here. Incorrect wetroom floor gradients so that some of the water runs off into the adjacent bedroom etc. And of course cutting costs on the fittings by using sub standard materials particularly cheap foam construction wet decks.

Why install a wetroom or walk in shower?

Wetrooms and walk in shower rooms are a good idea for those who have the conventional shower over bath arrangement, but hardly ever use the bath itself. It’ll give the room a more modern look, be easy access and easier maintenance. Walk in showers and wetrooms look neat, modern and take up less space. Getting in and out of baths can be very difficult or impossible for some people and there's always the serious risk of slipping on the wet and soapy floor when getting out. They can be a great alternative to 'disability aids' which can take up lots of room and look bulky.

Whether you need a wetroom or walk in shower for mobility issues or would like to have a walk in shower fitted so that you can be independent, we're here to help. We'll tailor our service to meet your needs. We don't have the costly overheads that most national companies have, such as showrooms and salespeople, so we're able to keep our prices reasonable and affordable.

It use to be the case that if you only had one bathroom in your property then you would keep it as a bathroom and not convert to a wetroom out of the risk of devaluing your property. Not any more, wetrooms and walk in showers can add value to your property and are becoming increasingly desirable in comparison to conventional bathrooms especially for younger professionals and those with busy lives.

The added advantage of wetrooms and walk in showers is the lack of maintenance. Install a solid one piece self cleaning glass as the screen and there are no hinges, seals or pivots to clean out or go wrong and as mentioned the glass self cleans. Use epoxy grouts for the tiling along with the correct tiles and cleaning maybe a once a year thing.


Edinburgh walk in showers

We understand that the are a number of reasons that mean that it's no longer practical for someone to get in and out of the bath. That's why walk in showers offer a great solution; they're stylish, safe and practical.

Whether you'd like for us to completely renovate your shower room, or would simply like for us to replace your bath with a walk in shower, we're more than happy to help.

Edinburgh wetroom fitting

Like walk in showers, wetrooms provide a great solution to those with limited mobility. Although wetrooms are ideal for larger bathrooms they are also a great way of making the most out of a smaller bathroom by creating a very open space, making use of all available area. However careful consideration is required for very small rooms due to drainage and the problem that they remain wet after use. Want to use the room again after a shower and you find yourself walking across a wet floor even if the installation has been completed properly. The installation of underfloor heating can help resolve this problem and you can read about it here on our bathrooms page. Unlike a walk in shower, a wetroom blends into rest of the room. There is more work that goes into the installation of a wetroom, hence they do cost more than a standard walk in shower.

With our workmanship and attention to detail, we'll install your wetroom to the highest of standards. 

We'll also ensure that we prepare and properly waterproof the floor and walls of your new wetroom. This helps ensure that you will have a quality wetroom for many years to come without any water damage or mould issues. 

Wet room Fittings & Materials

We use only high quality fittings so you can be rest assured that your new walk in shower or wetroom will stand the test of time. The only wet decks we use for our installations are manufactured by Impey who make a solid composite deck capable of supporting up to 300kg, that can be tiled with either mosaics or larger tiles. These do not crack, split or leak if installed correctly. Coupled with impey waterguard you can be assured that you will not have a wet room that will leak. These materials are a little more expensive than other manufacturers counterparts but we strongly believe that they are worth it and because it is our reputation on the line we will not install other manufacturers equipment. So far we're proud to say that we've not yet had any problems with any of our previous installations.

Wetroom and Walk in shower installation 

The biggest hurdle to installing either a wet room or walk in shower is the drainage of the waste water from the shower. If you have an existing bath or shower tray on legs the waste pipe may run above the floor below the bath and outside to the main drain. With either a wetroom or walk in shower the waste pipe has to be dropped below the floor and tie in with the existing outside drain. The problem is that the joists may be in the way. In most circumstances there are no issues and the existing waste pipe runs parallel to the joists or the existing holes cut through the joists for the previous waste pipe can be used. However sometimes neither option is available. Building regulations limit the size and location of holes through joists for waste pipes so new ones cannot simply be made both breaching the regulations and seriously effecting the structure of the building. Ideally joists need to be a minimum of 180mm deep to accommodate a 40mm waste pipe but it is rare that we ever find joists this deep in new build properties. The alternative solution then is to re-route the waste pipe parallel to the joists without drilling through the joists and core a new hole through the exterior wall and run the pipe externally to tie in with the existing exterior drains. However this can leave the outside of the property looking less aesthetic.

This is why we offer a consultation service regarding either wetroom or walk in shower installation prior to any work taking place. Sometimes it may not be possible to install a walk in shower or wetroom because of the aforementioned problems and occasionally it is only possible to complete a full investigation for the possibility for a wetroom or walk in shower once the existing bathroom has been fully ripped out. This does not usually cause any delays in progress because pending the result of the investigation we can then order the pre selected fittings, I.e shower trays etc or the new bath whilst getting on with the required preparation work.

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